Asphalt Bitumen Odor-B-Gone

International Construction Chemicals, Inc. has a liquid odor-reducing additive that, when mixed with asphalt cement (AC), greatly reduces or eliminates the smell associated with asphalt.

ICC, Inc. has patent-pending product whose chemical properties act as an oxygen scavenger with the asphalt to provide a chemical bonding agent for the VOC's (volatile organic compounds) to reduce asphalt odor: from holding tank to paver. At less than a nickle per ton of hot mix asphalt (HMA), the additive is an economical answer to improving the environment for workers and neighbors of hot mix facilities. Our material acts as a precipitant to the sulfides and other obnoxious odors.

Finally, there's a cost-effective solution!

1/2 gallon treats 5,000 gallons of asphalt bitumen at a cost of $54.00 usd per gallon (us).

ODOR-B-GONE for asphalt odor. The odor suppressant not only works with hot-mix asphalt, but cold mix and warm mix asphalt as well. Also, as reconstruction and recycling, asphalt originally treated with ODOR-B-GONE has no odor during re-paving operations. It is totally recyclable and environmentally friendly.

General Customer Guidelines for use and mixing of Odor B Gone

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