EZ-Lime Plus™ proven anti-strip meets natural polymers = better pavements are born!

Adding EZ-Lime Plus™ directly to the asphalt oil, enhances the adhesion and cold temperature performance of asphalt oil. This is accomplished with the polymer binder of the hydrated lime and additional anti-strip additives proven by the US Bureau of Land Management of the US Government.

EZ-Lime Plus™ can be added directly into the asphalt oil at the hot plant or added at the oil manufacturer's facility in their storage tanks. The current method is to put lime dry or mixed with water directly onto the aggregate, then oil is mixed with the aggregate lime mix. Adding lime pellets directly into the asphalt oil allows for safer handling and will more efficiently accomplish the anti-strip properties. As described by industry data, the direct addition of lime to asphalt oil reduces the amount of lime required by 30% to achieve the same anti-strip properties as traditional methods.

When EZ-Lime Plus™ is directly added to the asphalt oil at a rate of 20% to 30% by weight, it will raise the Superpave PG grade without raising the low temperature grade. This increases the resistance of the asphalt oil to softening at high temperatures and creates stronger pavements.

EZ-Lime Plus™ improves the quality of asphalt hot mix made with lesser quality aggregates and oils. Currently, the average amount of hydrated lime added to each ton of asphalt hot mix is 1 % by weight of hot mix asphalt. The direct addition to the liquid asphalt oil of EZ-Lime Plus™ pellets in the mix, requires 1/3 less lime (or 1% as opposed to 1.5%) according to scientists of University of Texas and others in the USA. Thus the use of EZ-Lime Plus™ is more economical than the current wasteful addition methods.

The Manufacturing Process

The steps involved in the manufacturing of EZ Lime™ and EZ-Lime Plus™ pellets are as follows:
  • Bulk hydrated lime mixed with the additives is run through a pelletizing unit and the polymeric binder is sprayed into the mixture forming the pellets.

  • The pellets are sent to a dryer (EZ-Lime™ pellets) or allowed to air dry (EZ-Lime Plus™ pellets).

  • EZ-Lime Plus™ pellets are moisture and crush resistant.

  • The dried pellets are bagged or stored in bulk silos.

  • Product is shipped to customers by truck or rail.



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