About W.R. Bill Bailey


President of International Construction Chemicals, Inc.

Here is some background, in no particular order, about yours truly. Yes, I may be a pavement GURU but I am knowledgeable about most all phases of Civil, Infrastructure, Marine Port and Airfield construction.

  • A Master degree in Business Administration dated June 12, 1990.

  • A Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering dated June 8, 1978,

  • Assoc. degrees in Pre-law and Sociology dated 1972/1980 respectively.

  • Two patents in the paving industry; #6,440,205 on Aug.27th, 2002 & # 6,824,600 on Nov. 30, 2004

  • Currently on the Presidential Advisory Board at Montana State University.

  • Member of the Assoc. of Asphalt Paving Technologists for over twenty years.

  • Member of several Regional User-Producer Groups regarding agency specification development and implementation.

  • Written and incorporated several State and Federal agency specifications in bitumen and anti-strip materials.

  • Developed polymer anti-strip, sulfur based modifier for bitumen, solid asphalt replacement pellets for paving and brought all these to commercial viability.


International Construction Chemicals, Inc., sole owner and currently being established in Las Vegas. Will supply products, consulting and project management with senior engineers and business personnel. Have patent pending on an improved but commonly used anti-strip product.
Rock Binders, Inc. 2000 - 2005. Owner of a start up business for the asphalt paving industry built from the ground up. In Sept. of 2003, Shell purchased all rights, patents and trademarks related to the Rock Binders' products. Point of note; SEAM (Sulphur extender and asphalt modifier) and ARP (asphalt replacement pellets). Patents 6,440,205 & 6,824,600. Traveled overseas extensively and specified both products in People's Republic of China, Kazakhstan, and helped initial establishment for the product in Saudi Arabia. I also consulted to Shell after the sale until Sept. of 2005.
Ultrapave, 1993 - 1999. General Manager, Western Operations. Developed UP-5000 polymer anti-strip and got it specified and in use in the Western USA. Responsible for most aspects of the company for Western North America, excluding Mexico. Budget - 600K. Staff - 6.
McCall Asphalt. 1988 - 1992.JAFS. Guided the overhaul of the old terminal, oversaw the installation of the new Waugh blending unit and added an asphalt lab with the help of my friend Bill Liddle. According to Bob McCall and Jim Cherier, during these years I was Just Another #^%@ing Salesman. (Our tons of AC oil did go from 75K to over 130K though!) God Bless Calder McCall, the "old man with insight".
Asphalt Supply & Service, 1985 - 1988. As General Manager for the Northwestern operations in charge of plant operations, specifying and marketing for AC-20R polymerized asphalt and commercial asphalt distribution. Staff - 5.
Lakeside Industries, 1976 - 1985. Started as a dump truck Teamster, went on salary as a foreman and (according to the teamsters) "worked my way down" to General Superintendent. I was in charge of all aspects of construction operations out of the Longview, Washington office of Lakeside Industries. Responsible for all aspects of paving, production, costing analysis, and personnel.


Two years at Centralia Community College; two years at Western Washington University.

Degree in Pre-Law

Degree in Sociology

Member of the Presidential Advisory Committee at Montana State University.


The Bailey FamilyMilo, our ChihuahaMarried to a wonderful God fearing woman named Karen; Proud parent of two excellent young men - Brandon, age 22, working as an Engineering Technician and living in Las Vegas; Benjamin, age 20, great outdoorsman, student at Montana State University in Bozemand and all around great young man.

We all enjoy golf, big game hunting (except Karen), fishing, skiing, and travel. Currently a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee at Montana State University.

I have been involved in the roads and bridges industry in one way or another for the last two and a half decades and I enjoy building companies. (or as some critics might say, "just standing around and watching them grow")!


You may know most of these people but if not and if there is no phone contact, call info for the place of business and ask for them.

William "Bill" Kennedy, Shell Oil contact # 403-691-3849

John D'Angelo, FHWA, National Director in Wash. D.C. contact # 202-256-5927

Phil Feliz, Principal of Western Technologies in Phoenix contact # 602-437- 3737

Julie Nodes, Materials Director of Arizona DOT

Joe McDonough, VP of Wells Cargo contact # 702-374-5242

Mike Pack, President-Las Vegas, Aggregate Industries contact # 702-649-8796

Scott Barnes, Materials Director of Montana DOT contact # 406-444-6267

Dr. Carl Monosmith, Dean of U. of Cal.-Berkley email clm@maxwell.berkeley.edu

Dr. Peter Sabaly, Dean of Engineering, Univ. Nevada-Reno

Bill Dempsey, VP of Lakeside Industries, WA-OR-ID contact # 425-864-0844

Ken Gryzbauski, owner of PRI in Tampa, Florida contact # 813-621-5777

Dr. Gary Hicks, Director for Mactec in California 530-891-5244


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