Finally, a Hydrated Lime treatment specifically designed for asphalt hot mix pavement.

Hydrated lime powder has been effectively used as an anti-strip for many years. It was tried as an after thought of the soil stabilization and steel industry and never was specifically designed for asphalt pavements.........until now.

Problem: Hydrated lime (HL) powder bridges in the silos and feeders, results = inaccurate addition rates, varying %'s and/or no lime added to the hot mix at all.

Solution: Pellets of hydrated lime (EZ-Lime™) bound together with a natural organic asphalt oil enhancer. Better flow equals better control.

Problem: Hydrated lime dust currently being used gets all over and into the bearings and air systems of the hot plant causing problems.

Solution: Pelletized EZ-Lime™ has greatly reduced the dust and fine powder of the HL and reduces the inhalation hazards associated with regular lime.

Problem: HL is wasted in the hot plant and according to suppliers, can have up to a 50% loss rate in the plant. A 1.5 % addition equals 1% in the mix.

Solution: EZ-Lime™ pellets are added directly into the asphalt oil (bitumen) and are more efficient, cost effective and is a more environmentally sound method.

Modified Lime treatment of asphalt

The direct introduction of hydrated lime pellets into the liquid asphalt oil by the use of the blender unit removes the handling drawbacks of the current lime systems. It also is safer for the personnel working around the obnoxious and flammable lime dust. In addition EZ-Lime™ removes lime from the baghouse environment thereby making the bags last longer and reducing the corrosion of the metal in the plants. Adding a pellet-AC blender that costs less than $20k will be the only alteration of existing lime equipment and the contractor can sell his lime pugmill.

EZ-Lime™ pellets and the addition equipment will be tested during this paving season in the project phase in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Montana. Many contractors are very excited about this application of the hydrated lime process/product since it allows the use of lime in convenient, clean and safe application. The EZ-Lime™ patents are pending and the trademarks have been recorded.

The EZ-Lime™ process of pelletizing the hydrated lime uses two binder types that "glue" the lime together to form the pellets. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to use in the processing. The pellets are mixed directly into the asphalt feed line of your hot plant in a prill or pastille pellet. The EZ-Lime™ pellets impart improvements to the hot mix as well as the anti-strip/strength properties. Many performance properties of the asphalt are improved by the addition of EZ-Lime™ and at an economical price.

EZ-Lime Pellets


* Peterson Asphalt Conference data- July 2005 per presentations by Gaylon Baumgarten of Ergon, Dr. Ray Robertson of WRI and others.

** Price is equal to one and 1/2 times current lime costs and at 50% volume savings it EZ-LimeT actually costs less than lime dust.


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