Laboratory Procedures

EZ-Lime™ pellets:

For use as you would powdered lime (as anti-strip) in asphalt hot mix.

Use 1% to 3% EZ-Lime™ by weight of total mix, added directly into the mixing vessel with the aggregate, then add oil for bitumen for best results. It is easier and safer to use than conventional hydrated lime. Use a Hobart or similar mixer to mix. Add asphalt oil and the EZ-Lime™ pellets directly into the aggregate and mix for ten minutes or until homogeneity is reached. Neat or modified bitumen is compatible with all EZ-Lime™ products. Test as you normally would.

Most likely you'll see some improvement in the Superpave numbers for high temperature performance without losing the bottom end as well.

An easy to work pelletized lime with a modifier included that is less expensive than neat asphalt …technology that works.

For technical questions: 360-907-4200

Revised: 8/09/2008

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