EZ-LIME™ Benefits

Benefits and economics of EZ-lime™ pellets
Economical, Safer AND "Greener" hydrated lime for our highways

Safety and handling

EZ-lime™ pellets virtually eliminates hydrated lime dust:

  • reduces environmental contamination and storm water run-off issues,
  • stops lime dust from entering hot plant electronics, bearings and bag houses,
  • safer for the workers by eliminating inhalation dangers,
  • easier containment and clean up for spills,
  • does not irritate eyes and throat when handling,
  • water resistant to stop clumping and bridging of silos during wet season,
  • eliminates possibility of dust explosions,
  • EZ-lime™ pellets can be added directly to the bitumen (asphalt oil) or
  • added into the recycle collar or pug mill at the hot mix asphalt plant,
  • transported in current bulk pneumatic transports (1/3 the load/unload time) OR in dump trucks.

Direct economic savings over current practices

EZ-lime™ pellets are more efficient:

  • allows for the use of common carriers to transport the material,
  • reduces the loading and unloading time of pneumatic trucks (3 hours) by more than 70%,
  • allows for the use of common carriers to transport the material as well (dump trucks),
  • EZ-lime™ pellets can be manufactured by adding one additional process step to the current quick lime hydration process, only requiring one more piece of equipment,*
  • Contractor/customer may be able to reduce bitumen content of hot-mix*,
  • condenses the quick lime powder for weight increase per cubic meter over current powdered hydrate*,
  • Water-soluble EZ-lime™ pellets can be used in sub-grade and soil stabilization and cost no more than the current hydrated powder. **

* Saving the lime producer/contractor money $$$$$!

** The EZ-lime™ WSTR pellets are water soluble and time release. Release times can be engineered as needed by the application.

(The EZ-lime™ pellets patent, process patent and technologies are registered, published/pending and internationally protected by the USPTO & PCT)

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