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General Customer Guidelines
for use and mixing of Odor B Gone

The following information is general guidance for the mixing of Odor B Gone (OBG) additive into asphalt bitumen liquid.

We require a starting point of one (1) pail (five US gallons) of Odor B Gone into each tanker load of bitumen (5,000 gallons) for regular bitumen liquids. For roofing bitumen or high sulphur content bitumen we recommend two (2) pails per load.

Tanker Trucks:
We recommend POURING the pail directly IN the EMPTY tanker. This will allow the to mix with the turbulent flow of the bitumen being added to the tank. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that every tanker load receive the same OBG treatment. Failure to do so could result in potentially unsatisfactory results at the hot plant.

Hot plant storage tank:
When adding at the hot mix asphalt plants storage tank, we will require for the OBG be dumped into the tanker or directly into the off loading hose prior to unloading the bitumen from the transport. Also the bitumen tank should be circulated to allow the OBG to mix into the bitumen. This should be sufficient for most hot mix plant tanks. When adding directly into the hot mix asphalt plant storage tank it must be circulated for at least two hours prior to use. The goal here is to get the correct ration and as uniform mixing as possible prior to mixing the OBG treated bitumen with the aggregates.

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